Star Sinkers with swivels

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Star Sinkers with Swivels: Precision Anchoring for Beach Fishing

Our Star Sinkers with swivels are the ultimate solution for anglers looking to maintain bait position in challenging beach conditions. Crafted with precision and designed to perform, these sinkers are a must-have for any beach fishing enthusiast.

Unique Star Shape Design

The star shape with multiple points allows the sinker to dig into sandy bottoms quickly, providing excellent holding power in both swell and current.
The thinner edges of our second-generation Star Sinkers are engineered to bury into the sand faster than conventional designs, ensuring your bait stays put1.
Quality Australian Made

Proudly Australian made, our Star Sinkers are crafted for quality and durability.
Each sinker features a high-quality Shogun swivel, which prevents line twists and ensures smooth casting and retrieval.
Versatile Weight Range

Available in sizes from 1oz up to 7oz, allowing you to choose the perfect weight for the conditions you’re fishing in.
Whether you’re dealing with a gentle swell or battling strong currents, there’s a Star Sinker to match your needs.
Product Specifications:

Material: High-quality lead
Design: Star-shaped with thinner edges
Swivel: Quality Shogun swivel included
Sizes: 1oz (28g) to 7oz (196g)
Application: Ideal for beach fishing on sandy bottoms
Conclusion: Our Star Sinkers with swivels offer the reliability and performance needed for successful beach fishing. With their specialized design and quality construction, they provide the stability and anchoring power necessary for a productive day by the shore. Choose our Star Sinkers and experience the difference in stability and accuracy when casting baits

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Star sinkers

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