Is it a good time to fish in Melbourne?

Is it a good time to fish in Melbourne?

Exploring Melbourne’s Fishing Opportunities

The Best Time for Fishing in Melbourne

Melbourne, the coastal capital of Victoria, Australia, is renowned for its diverse fishing opportunities. With its picturesque bays, estuaries, and offshore locations, Melbourne offers a fantastic fishing experience for both beginners and seasoned anglers. However, the success of your fishing trip greatly depends on the timing. Understanding the best times to fish in Melbourne is essential to make the most of your angling adventures. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that influence fishing in Melbourne and provide you with insights to optimize your fishing trips. Is it a good time to fish in Melbourne?

Seasonal Variations

Like many locations, Melbourne’s fishing conditions fluctuate with the changing seasons. Each season brings unique opportunities and challenges for anglers:

1. Summer (December – February)

Summer is a highly popular time for fishing in Melbourne. The warm weather attracts a variety of fish species to the shallower waters, making it an excellent time for shore fishing and angling from piers. Expect to catch species like snapper, flathead, whiting, and garfish during this season. However, keep in mind that the waters can get crowded, especially during holidays, so plan your fishing trips accordingly.

2. Autumn (March – May)

Autumn provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for fishing in Melbourne. As the water begins to cool down, various fish species become more active. Bream, Australian salmon, and King George whiting are commonly caught during this time. Additionally, the autumn months witness fewer tourists, giving anglers a more peaceful fishing experience.

Is it a good time to fish in Melbourne?
Is it a good time to fish in Melbourne?

3. Winter (June – August)

Winter is generally considered the off-peak fishing season in Melbourne. The colder temperatures and occasional rainfall reduce fishing activity compared to other seasons. However, dedicated anglers can still find opportunities to catch species like snapper, flathead, and squid. Fishing from sheltered locations or heading offshore can yield better results during this period.

4. Spring (September – November)

As the weather warms up in spring, fishing activity in Melbourne begins to pick up. This season offers a great chance to catch a variety of fish, including Australian salmon, snapper, and pinkies. It’s a favorable time for boat fishing as well as land-based fishing, with many jetties and beaches providing excellent fishing spots.

Tides and Moon Phases

Apart from seasonal variations, tides and moon phases significantly impact fishing success. Tides play a crucial role in fish feeding patterns, and it’s essential to plan your fishing trip around them.

1. High Tide

High tides create opportunities for fish to venture into shallow waters to feed, presenting better chances for anglers fishing from the shore or shallow areas. In Melbourne, you can find high tide information through various online sources and fishing apps. Plan your trip during the rising or falling tide, as both periods can lead to productive fishing sessions.

2. Low Tide

During low tides, fish might move to deeper waters or hide in structures like reefs and rock formations. While fishing during low tide can be more challenging, it can still be rewarding if you target specific species known to inhabit these areas. Researching the fish species you want to catch and their preferences regarding tides will help improve your success rate.

3. Moon Phases

Believe it or not, the moon’s phases can impact fish behavior as well. During a full moon or new moon, fish tend to be more active and feed more aggressively. However, this can also mean increased visibility, making fish more cautious. On the other hand, during a quarter moon, fish might feed less actively, but they may feel more comfortable venturing into shallower waters.

good time to fish in Melbourne

Best Fishing Spots in Melbourne

Melbourne boasts numerous fishing spots for anglers to explore. Some of the best locations include:

1. St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier is a popular fishing spot, offering a chance to catch species like snapper, flathead, and squid. It’s easily accessible and a great option for anglers of all skill levels. https://fishingtackleandsupplies.com/fishing-rating/

2. Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay is a vast and diverse fishing location. It provides opportunities for boat fishing as well as shore fishing. Depending on the season, you can catch snapper, whiting, King George whiting, and more.

3. Werribee South

Werribee South is renowned for its excellent bream fishing opportunities. The warm months are especially fruitful for bream fishing in this area.

4. Mornington Pier

Mornington Pier offers an exciting fishing experience, with opportunities to catch squid, salmon, and snapper. It’s an ideal spot for families and casual anglers.

Essential Fishing Tips

To make the most of your fishing trips in Melbourne, keep these tips in mind:

1. Check Weather and Tide Forecasts

Always check the weather forecast and tide times before heading out. Unfavorable weather conditions can significantly impact your fishing experience.

2. Obtain a Fishing License

Make sure to obtain the necessary fishing license before you start fishing in Melbourne. The Victorian Fisheries Authority provides licenses and regulations that you must adhere to.

3. Use the Right Bait and Gear

Research the fish species you want to target and use the appropriate bait and fishing gear for best results.

4. Respect Catch Limits

Adhere to catch limits and size restrictions to promote sustainable fishing practices and protect the marine environment.


Melbourne offers a wealth of fishing opportunities for both locals and tourists. The best time to fish in Melbourne depends on various factors such as the season, tides, and moon phases. By understanding these influences and following essential fishing tips, you can optimize your angling adventures in this beautiful coastal city. Remember to stay informed about fishing regulations, respect the environment, and most importantly, enjoy the thrill of fishing in one of Australia’s most picturesque locations.

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